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Libido can wax and wane - if WorrySheKnows: what exactly is the libido?Kelli Young: Libido refers to your sexual desire or appetite for sexual activities, alone or as a couple. The libido of a woman holds their sexual thoughts, fantasies, desires, and interests to participate in sexual behavior. SK: there is no such thing as a normal sexual desire? KY: in one word. No, in fact it nothing like a normal sexual desire. The women vary considerably in their desire for sex. It is not uncommon for a temporary decline in which sexual desire, and in fact, many women make several times in their lives. SK: If a woman so get your libido? KY: If a woman who has this decrease of sexual desire remains, or that his normal sexual desire before disappeared completely, can cause for concern. In medical terms, a decrease of libido or disorder Hypoactive sexual desire, is defined as one not permanent or recurrent sexual fantasies, thoughts or interest in sexual activity that caused personal agony. Women with low desire notice signs such as: a decrease in the frequency of sexual thoughts and fantasies. reduced libido; Reluctance to get involved or sexual intercourse. and the less frequent masturbation. Many factors dampen sexual DesireSK: this can affect the libido in women? Why change? KY: all women of course and their sexual appetite fluctuations over the course of time look normal. Many of these changes due to hormonal fluctuations (during menstruation, pregnancy, perimenopause, etc. ) and the image of the body of a woman and the self image (can feel less desirable or sexy and at the same time less sex) may influence. Lack of emotions may be due to lack of vaginal fluid, combined that may cause pain or vaginal irritation and possibly even trigger vaginal or urinary tract infections. Sex is excessive or painful, it is unlikely that I would like to be a woman, and they begin to fear or avoid it. Several physical and mental illnesses can the libido of women, such as drugs that often adversely affect the treatment of these diseases. Some drugs have severe sexual side effects. Degree of stress, diet and lifestyle can play a role in sexual desire of the amortization. Requirements to juggle work, family responsibilities, and others may be stressful and overwhelming; It can be little energy and enthusiasm made for sex. The negative sexual experiences can influence on sex from a woman also joy and pleasure. Finally, the problems of the relationship and the difficulties of communication may have libido an adverse effect on women. Natural ways to lighten up your LibidoSK: how a woman can increase her sex drive/libido? KY: there are certain measures that relatively simple women can take to improve your libido. It can be: talk to a doctor. Consult a health care professional members or you can test naturist and treat the underlying disease or of the physiological causes of low libido. If you don't forget to prescribe this drug, to discuss the possible sexual side effects. Sometimes less can have just as effective to prescribe a medication sexual side effects, (or not). Should a natural complement of the libido. Many women have noticed a significant improvement in the sensitivity and vaginal fluid using a full natural libido as the formula Wommed libido. Get to know revive her drive free your own body, sexually. Auto stimulation (masturbation) can be a great way for a woman a good understanding of the types of stimulation to develop, which is exciting. Use a water-based lubricant. Also if you can a natural lubrication, the other sheet a water-based lubricant for women and their partners be very inspiring. Changes to the way of life. A healthy diet and moderate physical exercise is important to keep a good hard sex. Chronic feeding have devastating effects on their energy levels, metabolism, and body image. Very low fat diets are particularly problematic, because your body, low-fat needs, necessarily respond to hormones such as testosterone, a hormone and to make sexual pleasure. Assertiveness conscious management and stress, yoga and meditation help women acquire important instruments to cope with daily stress factors, which can dampen the desire sexual. Cone to do. Kegel exercises strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which improve the feel and increase your sexual pleasure. (Your guide to the cone)Addressing relationship problems. The quality of the relationship, in particular the release of the pair, has a significant impact on your sexual satisfaction. Ask for advice if necessary. Sometimes it can be useful to seek the advice of a sex therapist or a marriage counselor, specializing in the treatment of sexual problems. More ways to increase your LibidoTips always a healthy sex with the sex drive BackRestart sexual want to get,.